Slaves … the first thing that caught my attention in this band was the voice.

I know, you’re thinking it should be the first thing, but as an amateur guitarist, there’s nothing more attractive than a good riff. The funny thing about the voice is that remembers more a pop than a metal singer, which I love that mix.

I loved the first albums of the band with the former singer John Craig, specially Beautiful Death, a MASTERPIECE that I’m are sure you are going to enjoy (available on YouTube in streaming). 

Hit song:

Prayers by Slaves

To Better Days, brings fresh air, taking the leadership Matt McAndrew, maintaining the essence of the melodic voice that we like so much.

The Californian band, founded in 2014, announced before their new album that it would be the last one under the name of Slaves, not only to fight racial injustice, to close the door on the consumption of illegal substances in the past.


4 studio albums

Top Mabanag albums and songs:

Through art we are all Equals (2014)

The Fire Down Below

This Is You Throwing in the Towel

The Young and Beyond Reckless (Feat. Tyler Carter)

The Hearts of Our Young (Feat. Natalie Craig) ♥

Routine Breathing (2015)

Drowning in My Addiction

As the Light Cracks the Foundation

The Hearts of Our Broken (Feat. Garret Rapp) ♥

Burning Our Morals Away ♥ Video

♥ = must listen

Originally published on March 16th, 2018 at 11:11. Updated post with new music.


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