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How do we call the fusion of Reggae and Metal? Skindred


Welcome to the wonderful world of Skindred and their amazing vision of Reggae… We love it! And you? The British band born in 1998, knew how to hook up very well to the Nu-Metal moment.

Wales 1993, Earache Records signs a band called Dub War. In the middle of the recording of their first album, the band announces the following statement:

They won’t let us record, they don’t pay us enough to continue, which is causing arguments between us, so we must choose to separate and continue our paths or end up killing each other“.

Benji Webbe
Hit song:

Webbe later formed Skindred with bassist Daniel Pugsley, guitarist Mikey Dee and drummer Dirty Arya. With this great union, their first album “Babylon” was released.

If this is the first time you hear about them, start by listening to the three recommended tracks from their first album “Babylon” and their fifth album “Kill the Power“.


7 studio albums

Top Mabanag albums and songs:
Babylon (2004)



We Want

Roots Rock Riot (2007)

Trouble Video

Retrace Video

State of Emergency


Rude Boy for Life

Killing Me

Union Black (2009)

Cut Dem Video

Living a Lie

Make Your Mark

Get It Now

Kill the Power (2014)

Kill the PowerVideo

Ruling Force

Worlds on Fire

The Kids Are Right Now ♥ Video

We Live


More Fire

All Fall Down


Volume (2015)

Volume Video

Saying it Now

No Justice

3 Words

♥ = must listen

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