The American band from Jacksonville, release a new album today, the sixth in their career… Ladies & Gentleman, Shinedown.

It’s true that you’ll never go to sleep without knowing something new. Doing this post, I just found out why I started to like this band on their third album.

Hit song:

I knew his guitarist Zach Myer, before Shinedown, because he is an endorser of my favorite guitar brand Paul Reed Smith. In 2005 he joined the band as a guitarist to go on tour. In 2007 he was the temporary bass player and finally in 2008 he was introduced as lead guitarist. It just coincides with their third album and one of my favorites, The Sound of Madness.

Their last two works, Threat to Survival and Attention Attention, are available in streaming on their YouTube channel.


6 studio albums

Top Mabanag albums and songs:

Leave a Whisper (2003)

Fly From the Inside

In Memory

Stranger Inside ♥

Crying out

Us and Them (2005)


Save me ♥ Video


The Sound of Madness (2008)

Devour ♥ Video

Sound of Madness ♥ Video

Second Chance ♥ Video

Cry for Help ♥

The Crown and the Butterfly Video

If you Only Knew ♥ Video

Sin With a Grin

Breaking Inside

Call me ♥

Amaryllis (2012)

Bully Video

Unity Video

I’m not Right

Miracle ♥

For my Sake

My Name (Wearing me Out) ♥

Threat to Survival (2015)

Asking for it ♥ Video

Cut the Cord ♥ Video

State of my Head Video

How did you Love ♥ Video

It all adds up


Dangerous ♥

Thick as Thieves ♥


Attention Attention (2018)

Devil Video

Black Soul

Attention Atttention ♥

Kill Your Conscience

Pyro ♥


Creatures ♥

The Human Radio ♥ Video

♥ = must listen


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9 thoughts on “Attention! Attention! Shinedown is in da house

    1. Al igual que The Sound of Madness, no he tenido que escucharlo varias veces para que me convenciera, a la primera me ha congratulado.

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