Guitarist Andy James presents his band Wearing Scars

… and last but not least, we come to the last recommendation of this grand opening, Wearing Scars.

How did you meet this band? In the guitar world, as in everyday life, sometimes you get stuck. Searching the internet I came across Andy James and his tutorial videos, where thanks to them I got the push to get out of the rut. From the first second I listened to him I thought: “How is it possible that someone with that speed, definition and feeling playing, is not in a super band?”

Hit song:

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From prison to Falling in Reverse

Penultimate recommendation of this blog presentation, Falling in Reverse. American band formed at the end of 2008.

The beginnings of Falling in Reverse, didn’t convince me too much, but on the third album… things changed, that voice radiated personality on all sides. Then came his fourth album, Coming Home, another MASTERPIECE had been born for me.

Hit song:

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When the heart breaks, but the music gives you strength to continue

Our second recommendation is based on the origins. A Californian band whose members, like my first band, had known each other since high school. In 1999, at just 18 years of age, Avenged Sevenfold (A7X) was born.

The beginnings of the band, especially in the first two albums, the voice was more focused on the screaming style. It was not until the fourth homonymous album, when they began to use melodic voices.

I have great admiration for this band, since the drummer passed away (friend and founder), they continued writting music without losing their identity.

Hit song:

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