The Raven Age, Tremonti’s chosen ones

We rescued the post of The Raven Age, because today they are releasing their second album “Conspiracy“. What do you think?

Hit song:

“Conspiracy” album:

Conspiracy (2019)
Bloom of the Poison Seed

Betrayal of the Mind ♥ Video

Fleur De Lis 

The Day the World Stood Still ♥ Video


Surrogate ♥ Video

Seventh Heaven ♥

Forgotten World

The Face That Launched a Thousand Ships ♥

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier


Grave of the Fireflies

♥ Must Listen

Band members:

Matt James – Vocals
Matt Cox – Bass Guitar
Tony Maue – Guitar
George Harris – Guitar
Jai Patel – Drums

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Sôber, metal with Spanish Denomination of Origin

After the hangover of this first year with you, what better way to recover than with Sôber, our first Spanish blog band.


I remember two moments with Sôber:

1. When I come back from my academic year in the U.S., I will not forget that my first band I heard after so much Nu-Metal. Without a doubt a new chapter in the national scene.
2. Year 2001, Festimad Music Festival. All of us with our red Yankee caps waiting anxiously for Limp Bizkit to come up on the main stage.  Unfortunately we were disappointed not to see them for lack of “security” (if the 9 members of Slipknot could, no one understood how the selfish Fred Durst, couldn’t). After all the confusion, I was not looking forward to seeing them, because is the next stage and minutes before I’d seen Sôber giving it all. It was a good “taste in my mouth” to go home.

Hit song:

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Happy birthday Mabanag Music!

As time goes by, it’s been a year since we started this great adventure and I couldn’t be more grateful.

My favorite pictures from this first blog year

It’s being a time of learning, not only as a blogger, but also as a personal challenge to grow as a musician. Without a doubt, an enjoyable experience to recycle, discover and share.

A long time ago, when I started in music, there was no better feeling than getting together with your friends and playing covers of your favorite bands. Unlike what you see on TV or hear on the radio, you sound pretty bad rehearsing in your parents’ garage or basement. As time goes by, things get better, you stop playing other people’s songs to writte  your own songs. You record your first demos in real music studios, you give free demos, you promote yourself giving concerts… All this at a time when social media was mouth-to-mouth. Finally and as a natural selection, call it a lack of talent, bad luck or not being in the right moment… All that illusion disappears one day.

My actual f*****g squad!

Now that I’m a few years older, I realize that having a band with only 12 years old wasn’t the most common thing. So I feel very fortunate to have lived that moment.

Sometimes, we have to go back in order to move forward, in my case I’ve had the illusion again to get together again with my friends to play covers of our favorite bands. So I couldn’t find a better excuse to celebrate this 1st Anniversary of Mabanag Music and share my 10 favorite songs from Pop to Metal performed by modern bands.

Top 10 from Pop to Metal

I hope you like it… A million thanks to all of you who follow me in this madness!

Top 10 favorite covers of Mabanag Music:
Red – Ordinary World (Duran Duran)
9. Halestorm – Bad Romance (Lady Gaga)
8. Seether – Careless Whisper (George Michael)
7. Enemy Inside – Summer Son (Texas)
6. Non Point – In The Air Tonight (Phil Collins)
5. Alien Ant Farm – Smooth Criminal (Michael Jackson)
4. Limb Bizkit – Faith (George Michael)
3. Disturbed – The Sound Of Silence (Simon and Garfunkel)
2. I Prevail – Blank Space (Taylor Swift)
1. Bad Wolves – Zombie (The Cranberries)

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Ded… Beyond metal, noise and aggressiveness

If you’re not pissed off, then you’re not paying attention” – Ded. That’s how this American band from Arizona presents itself.

Ded Band

I can say that they are the first band on the blog that defines their style in a very clear way: “With our music – we want to make the listener feel like how you feel after you’ve watched a really good horror movie – on edge, jittery… And very much alive“. We can hear this theme in their lyrics, hoping that they will inject life into the Hardcore genre.

Hit song:

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In This Moment… Are you ready to meet them?

In This Moment, an American band formed in 2005. They were born in MySpace and today they have a legion of fans all over the world.

In this Moment (“Black Widow” album)

Singer Maria Brink and guitarist Chris Howorth met through some friends. After finding that they had a lot in common, they began writing songs together. Some of the recorded demos were posted on MySpace, which generated good feedback and a loyal fan base. Thanks to this, they managed to sign their first record contract with Century Media Records and their first album “Beautiful Tragedy“.

Hit song:

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Bring me the Horizon to pop music?

Just a week ago, Bring me the Horizon released their 6th album “amo“. What do you think about this new work?

BMTH “amo”

When I heard the first single MANTRA, I noticed that things were going to be different, and it made sense, because the quality and energy of “That’s the Spirit” would be difficult to beat.

I understand that this album more Pop, more Electronic, more Commercial… Not everyone will like it. Particularly, I was quite shocked the first time I listened to the whole album, but after a while I found the essence of BMTH.

Hit song:

As an amateur musician, there are times of pure creativity and other times when things just don’t come out. The advantage of being in a band, where everyone has a voice, is that when someone is missing musical skills, others are able to rebalance it. In “amo“, Oliver Sykes (vocals) and Jordan Fish (keyboard and programming), pull out the gallons to get the job done.

In my opinion, it’s not a bad album, it just doesn’t sound like BMTH.

Top Mabanag albums and songs:

amo (2019)
MANTRA ♥ Video

in the dark Lyric

wonderfull life Lyric

medicine ♥ Video

why you gotta kick me when i’m down? Lyric

 ♥ = must listen

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Who do you trust? Do you trust in Papa Roach?

This week the Californian band Papa Roach releases their 10th studio album “Who do you Trust?” And you… Do you still believe in the cockroach?

Before introducing themselves in the music world business with their famous debut album “Infest“, the band formed in 1993 recorded several EPs to make themselves known and thanks to them they got their first music contract to Warner Music Group and later to Dreamworks.

The name of the band comes from the grandfather of singer Jacoby Shaddix, who was nicknamed Papa Roach (his real name was Howard William Roatch).

Hit song:

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Fresh air is coming, Days to Come is here to stay

How’s the beginning of the year doing? Here’s a little bit of power to help you with this January. Welcome Days to Come to the independent band list!

Blending pop-styled vocal melodies with heavier, intricate instrumentation, the Georgia based hard rock band Days To Come works tirelessly at taking their brand of positivity as far as it can go. Striving for professionalism & honesty, DTC focuses on solid songwriting & high energy live shows as well as growing & maintaining their fan-base by interacting via social networking.

In July of 2016, DTC released their first EP, Subsist: The Art of Survival (2016). Touring throughout the southeast states over the rest of the year & into 2017 in support of their release, the band continues to put in the work required to advance their career. Partnering with booking agency Blind Anxiety Entertainment, management company Crown Artist Development, & indie label From The Depths Entertainment, DTC stays on the road as much as possible.

Hit song:

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Palisades, harmony between electronic and metal music

On December 28, 2018, Palisades released their fourth album “Erase the Pain“. Composed by 10 tracks and leaving aside the electronic backgrounds, we find the voice of Louis “Lou” Miceli Jr. much more mature, along with great riffs of guitarists Xavier Adames and Matthew Marshall, which are completed with a great drums and bass defined by Aaron Rosa and Brandon Elgar, respectively.

Palisades band 2018

The album is opened by two very powerful tracks, Vendetta and Erase the Pain with strong and catchy choruses. If you’re looking for the melancholic side, Ways to Dissapear and Patient will be your songs. Finally, if you need that song to give you a boost to your day, press play to Ghost.

Top Mabanag “Erase the Pain” album:

Erase the Pain (2018)
Vendetta ♥

Erase the Pain ♥


Ways to Dissapear ♥

Ghost ♥

Fragile Bones

Push ♥



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Daybreak Embrace, the musical hug you need to start the year

Happy New Year metalheads! We start this 2019 like we ended the last one, recommending a band without a record label. Ready for Daybreak Embrace?

In this new year, we decided to start to recommend bands that have not been lucky enough or given the opportunity from the record companies, but they have an incredible talent, depending on themselves and without people behind them telling how and what they have to play and sing, simply… PURE MUSIC.

Daybreak Embrace reached my ears in 2010, with their first EP Tomorrow Awaits, specifically their single Suffocate made me get up from the couch and shout “So freaking nice!“.

Coming from Florida and formed in 2009, the band is able to mix different musical genres such as Electronic, Progressive and Metal.

Hit song:

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