Watch out Rihanna! Any Given Day are the real Diamond

Although hailing from Germany, the band is living the American dream. Formed in 2012, Any Given Day became known in 2013 through YouTube with Rihanna’s cover, “Diamonds,” reaching more than 10 million views.

Any Given Day Band

In their third and latest album “Overpower,” we can appreciate a great balance between brutality and catchy melodies. If this is the first time you’ve heard about them, I recommend you to make your first contact from this point.

Hit song:

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Are you ready for Nine Lashes?

In 2009, Nine Lashes released their first independent album. Months later they caught the attention of Thousand Foot Krutch and with them the music contract with Tooth & Nail Records.

Nine Lashes

After recording their first album “Escape“, the band sent it to the Alabama’s Magnolia Festival promotor. Impressed by what he had heard, he did not hesitate to put them in touch with the singer Trevor McNevan of Thousand Foot Krutch, not only helped them get a music contract, he also bet on them collaborating in the production of their second album “World We View“.

Hit song:

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From Ashes to New… Believing in themselves

From Ashes to New

From Ashes to New was born in 2013. Before their first EP, the band became popular on social networks. After their second EP “Downhill”, the band jumped into the international scene by touring with Five Finger Death Punch, Papa Roach or POD. Finally, in 2016 their first studio album “Day One” was released.

Hit song:

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Burden of the Sky, ashes to ashes

Burden of the Sky

Burden Of The Sky, American Hard Rock/Metal alternative band, born in 2012 in Bloomington (Illinois). “Cinis Ad Cinis”, the band’s debut album, was released in 2017. Their single Same Old Page, has more than 800,000 views.

New album expected to be released this year, until then we can find their singles Sirens and The Puppeter.

Hit song:

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How do we call the fusion of Reggae and Metal? Skindred

Welcome to the wonderful world of Skindred and their amazing vision of Reggae… We love it! And you? The British band born in 1998, knew how to hook up very well to the Nu-Metal moment.


1993, Wales. Earache Records signs a band called Dub War. In the middle of the recording of their first album, vocalist Benji Webbe announces the following statement: – “They won’t let us record, they don’t pay us enough to continue, which is causing arguments between us, so we must choose to separate and continue our paths or end up killing each other“-.

Webbe later formed Skindred with bassist Daniel Pugsley, guitarist Mikey Dee and drummer Dirty Arya. With this great union, their first album “Babylon” was released.

Hit song:

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Thank you Taylor Swift for showing us I Prevail

Welcome to my TraumaI Prevail releases their last work and I won’t lie to you, is at the same level as we expected.

I Prevail – Trauma album

Continuing on the track of their previous work “Lifelines“, the band keeps betting on their guttural verses by Eric Vanlerberghe, with the catchy, harmonious choruses of Brian Burkheiser.

Getting another MASTERPIECE is not easy, even more so considering where the bar was set. They won’t let you down at all!

Trauma album:

Trauma (2019)
Bow DownVideo


Every Time You Leave

Rise Above It

Breaking Down Video




Let me be Sad



I Don’t Belong Here

♥ = must listen

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Hot? Your temperature must be increasing with Fever 333

What happens when members of Letlive, The Chariot and Night Verses get together? Well, we say hello to the band Fever 333.

Fever 333

On July 4th, 2017, Fever 333 performed a surprise concert in a rental truck in the parking lot of a Randy’s Donuts bakery in Inglewood, California. They presented three new tracks from their first album “Made an America“.

Their lyrics have a political and protest content, influenced by bands like Rage Against The Machine. Fever 333 has also collaborated with artists such as Travis Barker (drummer of Blink 182).

Hit song:

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CrazyEightyEight, great independent band born in Youtube

When Canadian singer Lauren Babic and American music comedian Jarrod Alonge get together, this amazing project comes alive… CrazyEightyEight.


Jarrod Alonge, known for his music comedy channel on YouTube, began writing songs in parallel. For a long time, he was looking for singers to close the circle as a composer. Finally, in 2016 he contacted with the singer Lauren Babic (Red Handed Denial), where they both agreed on styles to be able to carry out CrazyEightyEighty. Later Patty Walters joined the band .

Besides this first album, “Burning Alive“, I recommend you to take a look at their two covers EPs, I’m sure you’ll find very interesting songs like The Sound (The 1975), When Your Were Young (The Killers), The Kill (30 Seconds to Mars) or Duality (Slipknot).

Hit song:

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The Raven Age, Tremonti’s chosen ones

We rescued the post of The Raven Age, because today they are releasing their second album “Conspiracy“. What do you think?

Hit song:

“Conspiracy” album:

Conspiracy (2019)
Bloom of the Poison Seed

Betrayal of the Mind ♥ Video

Fleur De Lis 

The Day the World Stood Still ♥ Video


Surrogate ♥ Video

Seventh Heaven ♥

Forgotten World

The Face That Launched a Thousand Ships ♥

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier


Grave of the Fireflies

♥ Must Listen

Band members:

Matt James – Vocals
Matt Cox – Bass Guitar
Tony Maue – Guitar
George Harris – Guitar
Jai Patel – Drums

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Sôber, metal with Spanish Denomination of Origin

After the hangover of this first year with you, what better way to recover than with Sôber, our first Spanish blog band.


I remember two moments with Sôber:

1. When I come back from my academic year in the U.S., I will not forget that my first band I heard after so much Nu-Metal. Without a doubt a new chapter in the national scene.
2. Year 2001, Festimad Music Festival. All of us with our red Yankee caps waiting anxiously for Limp Bizkit to come up on the main stage.  Unfortunately we were disappointed not to see them for lack of “security” (if the 9 members of Slipknot could, no one understood how the selfish Fred Durst, couldn’t). After all the confusion, I was not looking forward to seeing them, because is the next stage and minutes before I’d seen Sôber giving it all. It was a good “taste in my mouth” to go home.

Hit song:

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