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Thank you Taylor Swift for showing us I Prevail

I Prevail

Welcome to my Trauma… I Prevail releases their last work and I won’t lie to you, is at the same level as we expected.

Continuing on the track of their previous work “Lifelines“, the band keeps betting on their guttural verses by Eric Vanlerberghe, with the catchy, harmonious choruses of Brian Burkheiser.

Hit song:

Getting another MASTERPIECE is not easy, even more so considering where the bar was set. They won’t let you down at all!

Trauma Album:

Originally posted on july 06th, 2018 at 11:11
I Prevail

I Prevail, american band formed in 2013. Thanks to Taylor Swift’s cover Blank Space, they made it directly into the Billboard Hot 100 list. To this day, the video has received over 46 million views.

If this is your first time listening to I Prevail, I recommend you to start with his second album, Lifelines… a MASTERPIECE.

Both albums are available in streaming on YouTube, Heart vs. Mind on the band’s channel and Lifelines can be found on Fearless Records, the channel of their record label.

Hit song:

3 studio albums

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