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Testing Fortin Nameless Suite by Neural DSP


4 years since this… In my first post of the blog, I wrote:

“The first time I tried to record something fairly serious, was in November 2014. I got some active monitors near field, an audio interface, I bought the Logic Pro X to record through the iMac, I bought a studio desk to look more pro, geeks, pedal effects, amps, guitars … All that remained was to sit down and start creating. And indeed … As you can imagine, the only thing that happened was … NOTHING“.

So to finish 2018, I thought it would be a good idea to rescue that first failed recording and show you what came out of my fingers. In order to do this, I have decided to put aside real amplifiers or digital emulators and use computer plugins. I must say that it is incredible how technology advances, 10 years ago who was going to tell amateur musicians that we could simply record with our guitar and a computer. And without sounding garbage!

I hope you like it, leave me your comments and/or questions. Merry Christmas 2018!

Music by Julián Mabanag Agacid


PRS 20Th Anniversary
Guitarras: Fortin Nameless Suite
Bajo: Darkglass Ultra
Batería: EzDrummer

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