Hot? Your temperature must be increasing with Fever 333

What happens when members of Letlive, The Chariot and Night Verses get together? Well, we say hello to the band Fever 333.

Fever 333

On July 4th, 2017, Fever 333 performed a surprise concert in a rental truck in the parking lot of a Randy’s Donuts bakery in Inglewood, California. They presented three new tracks from their first album “Made an America“.

Their lyrics have a political and protest content, influenced by bands like Rage Against The Machine. Fever 333 has also collaborated with artists such as Travis Barker (drummer of Blink 182).

Hit song:

If this is the first time you hear them, I strongly recommend you to start with their recent second work “Strenght in Numbe333rs“, a real MASTERPIECE.


2 studio album

Top Mabanag albums and songs:

Made An America (2018)
Made in AmericaVideo

We’re Coming in Video

Soul’d Me Out

Walking in my Shoes Video

Strength in Numb333rs (2019)
Burn it ♥ Video


Prey for me/3

One of us


The Innocent

Out of Control/3

Am I Here?

Coup D’Etalk

♥ = must listen

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