How do we call the fusion of Reggae and Metal? Skindred

Welcome to the wonderful world of Skindred and their amazing vision of Reggae… We love it! And you? The British band born in 1998, knew how to hook up very well to the Nu-Metal moment.


1993, Wales. Earache Records signs a band called Dub War. In the middle of the recording of their first album, vocalist Benji Webbe announces the following statement: – “They won’t let us record, they don’t pay us enough to continue, which is causing arguments between us, so we must choose to separate and continue our paths or end up killing each other“-.

Webbe later formed Skindred with bassist Daniel Pugsley, guitarist Mikey Dee and drummer Dirty Arya. With this great union, their first album “Babylon” was released.

Hit song:

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Bring me the Horizon to pop music?

Just a week ago, Bring me the Horizon released their 6th album “amo“. What do you think about this new work?

BMTH “amo”

When I heard the first single MANTRA, I noticed that things were going to be different, and it made sense, because the quality and energy of “That’s the Spirit” would be difficult to beat.

I understand that this album more Pop, more Electronic, more Commercial… Not everyone will like it. Particularly, I was quite shocked the first time I listened to the whole album, but after a while I found the essence of BMTH.

Hit song:

As an amateur musician, there are times of pure creativity and other times when things just don’t come out. The advantage of being in a band, where everyone has a voice, is that when someone is missing musical skills, others are able to rebalance it. In “amo“, Oliver Sykes (vocals) and Jordan Fish (keyboard and programming), pull out the gallons to get the job done.

In my opinion, it’s not a bad album, it just doesn’t sound like BMTH.

Top Mabanag albums and songs:

amo (2019)
MANTRA ♥ Video

in the dark Lyric

wonderfull life Lyric

medicine ♥ Video

why you gotta kick me when i’m down? Lyric

 ♥ = must listen

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Bury Tomorrow releases their latest album, Black Flame

Stop everything and wait until tomorrow to finish it, now you have to listen to Bury Tomorrow‘s new album, Black Flame.

Not a big fan, but I admit that a good combination of verses with guttural voices and melodic choruses makes me like writing and recommending Metalcore music bands… not to mention the symbiosis between guitars and double bass drum… Brutal!

Hit song:

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Asking Alexandria and the return of Danny Worsnop

Hello metalheads! After these exciting first days as a blogger, let’s get the musical recommendation for the weekend. If you liked Bring me the Horizon, Asking Alexandria won’t leave you indifferent.

Now that no one is watching us, let me tell you a secret, I have never liked this band, the screaming style did not convince me very much. But at the end of 2017, their last self titled album, became part of my Hall of Fame as a MASTERPIECE. The production of this work is insane! Thanks to his record label, we can enjoy it in streaming on YouTube.

Hit song:

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Guitarist Andy James presents his band Wearing Scars

… and last but not least, we come to the last recommendation of this grand opening, Wearing Scars.

How did you meet this band? In the guitar world, as in everyday life, sometimes you get stuck. Searching the internet I came across Andy James and his tutorial videos, where thanks to them I got the push to get out of the rut. From the first second I listened to him I thought: “How is it possible that someone with that speed, definition and feeling playing, is not in a super band?”

Hit song:

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