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Hollywood Undead, talent behind the masks

Originally posted on 22 June 2018 at 11:11  

Hollywood Undead – New Empire, Volume 1

If you like Rap Metal, Gangsta Rap, Hip Hop, Pop, Rock, R&B, House… if you need to listen to different types of music without going crazy, Hollywood Undead is what you are looking for.

American band that was born on MySpace. In 2006, they accumulated 8 million views, leading the ranking of artists without a contract.

Hit song:

Taking advantage of the fact that the band is releasing their sixth album New Empire, Vol.1 and that next Monday February 17, 2020 I will see them live with Papa Roach, what better excuse to update this post.

After your previous job, Five, and listening a couple of times, I must say I’ve loved it. Powerful guitars, compact drums, and super-strong voices.

All the band members use pseudonyms and wear their own mask.

Hollywood Undead

6 studio albums

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♥ = must listen


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From Ashes to New… Believing in themselves

From Ashes to New

From Ashes to New was born in 2013. Before their first EP, the band became popular on social networks. After their second EP “Downhill”, the band jumped into the international scene by touring with Five Finger Death Punch, Papa Roach or POD. Finally, in 2016 their first studio album “Day One” was released.

Hit song:

The founder Matt Brandyberry, is a clear example of believing in themselves. After many disappointments in the music industry and bad decisions in life, he bet for himself and invested all his savings in From Ashes to New, catching the attention of the record companies and getting the desired musical contract.


2 studio albums

2 EP

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♥ = must listen

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Ded… Beyond metal, noise and aggressiveness

Ded Band

If you’re not pissed off, then you’re not paying attention” – Ded. That’s how this American band from Arizona presents itself.

I can say that they are the first band on the blog that defines their style in a very clear way:

With our music, we want to make the listener feel like how you feel after you’ve watched a really good horror movie, on edge, jittery… And very much alive“. 

We can hear this theme in their lyrics, hoping that they will inject life into the Hardcore genre.

Hit song:

Is it true that some of their songs remind you bands like Korn, Bring Me The Horizon, Slipknot and PanteraDed has expressed great admiration and influence from them.


1 studio album

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I Exist


♥ = must listen