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Watch out Rihanna! Any Given Day are the real Diamond

Any Given Day

Although hailing from Germany, the band is living the American dream. Formed in 2012, Any Given Day became known in 2013 through YouTube with Rihanna’s cover, Diamonds, reaching more than 10 million views.

In their third and latest album “Overpower,” we can appreciate a great balance between brutality and catchy melodies. If this is the first time you’ve heard about them, I recommend you to make your first contact from this point.

Hit song:

Any Given Day has toured with great bands like Bury TomorrowTrivium or Suicide Silence.


3 studio albums

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♥ = must listen

Mabanag Blog Music

Bury Tomorrow releases their latest album, Black Flame

Bury Tomorrow

Stop everything and wait until tomorrow to finish it, now you have to listen to Bury Tomorrow’s new album, Black Flame.

Not a big fan, but I admit that a good combination of verses with guttural voices and melodic choruses makes me like writing and recommending Metalcore music bands… not to mention the symbiosis between guitars and double bass drum… Brutal!

Hit song:

5 studio albums

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♥ = must listen