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Avenged Sevenfold

Avenged Sevenfold gives us B-sides, and covers with “Diamonds In The Rough“. 

Diamonds In The Rough is an album with covers, b-sides and alternate versions of some of their most famous songs.

The A7X frontmam explained:

“It’s very typical of musicians to write 20 to 30 songs for a particular album. Most of the time, they take the best of the bunch and call it a day, discarding the rest. We have never written like that. We don’t usually finish songs unless they are fulfilling a purpose. The one exception to this was during the self-titled era. We were experimenting with our sound, producing ourselves and we had no one to reel us in.”

M. Shadows
Diamonds In The Rough album

Since the album came out I haven’t stopped listening to it and I can say that it is a masterpiece. I liked it a lot more than their previous work The Stage. Watch out! I don’t mean this one’s bad. Watch out! I don’t mean this one’s bad. It just reminds me of that turning point the band had from guttural to melodic voices.

And what are you going to find at Diamonds in the Rough? Apart from unpublished songs, two different versions of Almost Easy and the famous Afterlife, as well as 3 amazing covers of Flash Of The Blade (Iron Maiden), Walk (Pantera) and Paranoid (Black Sabbath).

Diamonds in the Rough (2020)

♥ = must listen

Originally posted on February 2018. 

Avenged Sevenfold

Our second recommendation is based on the origins. A Californian band whose members, like my first band, had known each other since high school. In 1999, at just 18 years of age, Avenged Sevenfold (A7X) was born.

The beginnings of the band, especially in the first two albums, the voice was more focused on the screaming style. It was not until the fourth homonymous album, when they began to use melodic voices.

I have great admiration for this band, since the drummer passed away (friend and founder), they continued writting music without losing their identity.

Hit song:

As a curiosity, singer M. Shadows was the first guest vocalist on Slash’s debut solo album. This collaboration was born, after A7X performed It’s Not Easy by Guns ‘n’ Roses with him.

Finally, for all the guitarists that are reading this, tell you that the lead guitar, Synyster Gates, recently opened with his father, Brian Haner (composer and producer) a virtual academy called The Synyster Gates School. Totally free.


8 studio albums

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The Raven Age, Tremonti’s chosen ones

The Raven Age

The Raven Age…the “real” legacy of Iron Maiden, because the guitarrist George Harris is the son of the legendary bass player, Steve Harris.

This british band, which began in the world of music in 2009, will be the official opening act for Tremonti‘s European tour.

Hit song:

Guitarists Dan Wright and George Harrison decided to get together to form this incredible band of heavy riffs, double bass drums, guitar solos with a lot of feeling and a melodic voice.

They only have one record, but they don’t lack experience on stage. they performed with great artists like Anthrax, Killswitch Engage, Gojira, Mastodon, … and of course with Iron Maiden for the 2016 world tour: The Book Of Souls World Tour.


2 studio albums

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♥ = must listen

Originally posted on October 05Th, 2018 at 11:11
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SHVPES… You can’t imagine who is their singer


What do The Raven Age and SHVPES have in common? Not only are we talking about metal running through their veins, they also keep a small family bond.

In show business, having the family name of a parent who has been or is very successful can be a big focus of attention.

What is the relationship between these mentioned bands? Both were founded in the UK, both write metal songs and in both cases, one of their members has a father who plays in Iron Maiden.

Hit song:

Some of you may think that they are there for being children of, but beyond that first thought (totally wrong), the bands of George Harris (guitarist of The Raven Age) and Griffin Dickinson (singer of SHVPES), have more than proved that they are there for their own credit.

In Griffin’s case, he has been able to distinguish himself very well from comparative criticism, having a variety of styles, from broken voices through melodic songs to insane rapping.

Last week they released their second studio album Greater Than, for which I recommend you listen to them. So get your headphones or put the speakers up and enjoy Calloused Hands, Undertons and Afterlife, three of my favorite tracks.


2 studio albums

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Afterlife ♥ Video

Rain Feat. Matt Heafy Lyric

War ♥ Lyric

Renegades ♥

Hey Brother

♥ = must listen