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Burden of the Sky, ashes to ashes

Burden of the Sky

Burden Of The Sky, American Hard Rock/Metal alternative band, born in 2012 in Bloomington (Illinois).

Cinis Ad Cinis, the band’s debut album, was released in 2017. Their single Same Old Page, has more than 800,000 views.

New album expected to be released this year, until then we can find their singles Sirens and The Puppeter.

Hit song:

The truth is that there isn’t much information about them, but if you like bands like Sevendust, Deftones, Breaking Benjamin, Chevelle or Evans Blue, Burden of the Sky won’t leave you indifferent.


1 studio album

Top Mabanag albums and songs:
Cinis ad Cinis (2017)

♥ = must listen

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CrazyEightyEight, great independent band born in Youtube


When Canadian singer Lauren Babic and American music comedian Jarrod Alonge get together, this amazing project comes alive… CrazyEightyEight.

Jarrod Alonge, known for his music comedy channel on YouTube, began writing songs in parallel. For a long time, he was looking for singers to close the circle as a composer. Finally, in 2016 he contacted with the singer Lauren Babic (Red Handed Denial), where they both agreed on styles to be able to carry out CrazyEightyEighty. Later Patty Walters joined the band.

Hit song:

Besides this first album, “Burning Alive“, I recommend you to take a look at their two covers EPs, I’m sure you’ll find very interesting songs like The Sound (The 1975), When Your Were Young (The Killers), The Kill (30 Seconds to Mars) or Duality (Slipknot).

C88 is an independent band, whose funds have been and are raised through the Kickstarter platform.


1 studio album

Top Mabanag albums and songs:
Burning Alive (2018)

Fortune and Glory, Kid ♥


I Am TetsuoVideo

Nitroglycerin Video

Tears in Rain ♥ Video


You Were Right

♥ = must listen

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Daybreak Embrace, the musical hug you need to start the year

Daybreak Embrace

Happy New Year metalheads! We start this 2019 like we ended the last one, recommending a band without a record label. Ready for Daybreak Embrace?

In this new year, we decided to start to recommend bands that have not been lucky enough or given the opportunity from the record companies, but they have an incredible talent, depending on themselves and without people behind them telling how and what they have to play and sing, simply… PURE MUSIC.

Daybreak Embrace reached my ears in 2010, with their first EP Tomorrow Awaits, specifically their single Suffocate made me get up from the couch and shout “So freaking nice!“.

Coming from Florida and formed in 2009, the band is able to mix different musical genres such as Electronic, Progressive and Metal.

Hit song:

Thanks to their first two EPs, they were invited to open for bands like Nonpoint, GWAR, Fuel or Gemini Syndrome. But without a doubt, one of their best moments was to cross over to Europe and play at the Poland Woodstock Rock Festival.

I would tell you to lie back and relax, but it’s going to be hard when you play songs like Thirty Six, Suffocate, Sanctuary, Desperation or No Scars.


James Wamsley – Vocals
Anthony Parrinello – Guitar
Eric Estrada – Guitar
Ryan Dorries – Bass
Giann Rubio – Drums


3 EPs

Top Mabanag albums and songs:
Trace of Light (2018)

New Reality ♥

We Rise (2016)

We Rise ♥ Live

Mercury (2013)

Severed ♥ Video

Faded ♥ Lyric

Desperation ♥

Welcome Silence

No Scars ♥

New Reality ♥

Tomorrow Awaits (2010)

Thirty Six ♥

Suffocate ♥ Video


Sanctuary ♥

Tomorrow Awaits ♥

♥ = must listen


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Top 10 most visited pages at Mabanag Music

Last post of this year and what better way to review the most visited articles during 2018.

It has been an incredible year, a beginning of the blog that not even in my best dreams could I have imagined. Let’s go over the list together.

Top 10 visits Mabanag Music:

10. Tremonti


Si fuiste fan de Creed y ahora de Alter Bridge, te recomendamos que escuches el proyecto paralelo de su guitarrista principal, Tremonti.

9. Shinedown


Conocía a su guitarrista Zach Myer, antes que Shinedown, ya que era y es endorser de mi marca favorita de guitarras Paul Reed Smith. En 2005 se unió al grupo como guitarrista para salir de gira. En 2007 fue el bajista temporal y finalmente en 2008 sería presentado como guitarrista principal. Justo coincide con el año del lanzamiento de su tercer álbum y favorito mío, The Sound of Madness.

8. Hands Like Houses

Hands Like Houses

Te presentamos a la primera banda australiana del blog, Hands Like Houses. No puedo decir mucho de esta banda, excepto por sus poderosas guitarras, una voz melódica y una gran producción en su último álbum, Dissonants, siendo un MASTERPIECE para nuestros oídos.

7. Letters From The Fire

Letters From the Fire

Letters From The Fire: este año lanzó su último álbum homónimo, presentando a su nueva cantante y actriz, Nina Bergman. Estoy seguro de que no decepcionarán a nadie.

6. Set For The Fall

Set for the Fall

Esta banda emergente de Hard Rock de Carolina del Norte, tiene una poderosa voz que me cautivó desde el primer momento. Sus seguidores les catalogan entre un mix de Sevendust, Of Mice & Men, Breaking Benjamin y I Prevail,  con un toque de Deftones.

5. Breaking Benjamin

Breaking Benjamin

Benjamin Jackson Burnley, cantante-guitarrista y fundador, comenzó como solista haciendo covers de Nirvana. En uno de sus conciertos se le cayó un micrófono prestado y su propietario le dijo: “Quiero dar las gracias a Benjamin por romper (break) mi micrófono”. Como os podéis imaginar… no tuvo que buscar nombres para su futura banda.

4. Alter Bridge

Alter Bridge

¿Y quiénes son estos tipos? Si quitamos al vocalista de Creed, Scoot Stapp, y ponemos a Myles Kennedy (cantante que grabó un par de canciones con Slash y estuvo de gira con él), formamos Alter Bridge.

3. The Color Morale

The Color Morale

Antes del lanzamiento de su tercer trabajo, Know Hope, el grupo se debatía entre la disolución o seguir adelante, ya que su cantante, Garret Rapp se hundía en una fuerte depresión. Pero gracias a la música (así lo define él), consiguió encontrar la “esperanza” para luchar y plasmar en palabras lo que le estaba sucediendo.

2. Three Days Grace

Three Days Grace

El nombre del grupo nace de la pregunta: “Si tuvieras tres días para cambiar algo en tu vida ¿Qué sería?”.

1.  What About Us, Metal Remix


Año 2000… Recuerdo la primera vez que escuché o mejor dicho, vi en la Mtv (cuando todavía ponían vídeos musicales), a P!nk en su single debut There you gocon su pelo corto rosa y su voz de rockera sobre una base de R&B, era una combinación extraña, pero perfecta.

My comments:
Brutal that Mark Tremonti‘s two bands are in the Top 10, Alter Bridge and Tremonti.

I love that a band without a record label is the sixth most visited post and especially being the last recommendation of the blog. Congrats Set for the Fall!

I am very surprised and highly grateful that P!nk‘s own remix was the most watched post of Mabanag Music. A million thanks to all of you who follow me on this great adventure.

Happy New Year to all my metalheads!

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Who needs a record label?

Set for the Fall

Last recommendation of 2018 and first independent band that we present in the Blog… With all of you: Set for the Fall.

This emerging Hard Rock band from North Carolina, have a powerful voice that captivated me from the first moment. Their fans rank them between a mix of Sevendust, Of Mice & Men, Breaking Benjamin and I Prevail, with a touch of Deftones.

Hit song:

In late 2016, SFTF independently released their first album “3 Nails”. With over 8,000 listeners per month on Spotify. Two years of tireless touring gave them the opportunity to share the stage with Skillet, Slaves or The Devil Wears Prada.

SFTF released their second album “Still Just Breathing” in November 2018. If this is the first time you’ve listen to them, I recommend you to start with this work and their single Breathe Again“.


2 studio albums

Top Mabanag albums and songs:
Three Nails (2016)

Let Go ♥ Lyric


Rising Lyric

I Love You ♥

I Don´t Want to be ♥

Gave it all ♥

Just Like You

Still Just Breathing (2018)

Who am I ♥

Breathe Again ♥ Video

New Creation

Counting Stars

Never Die ♥

Forever ♥

♥ = must listen