How do we call the fusion of Reggae and Metal? Skindred

Welcome to the wonderful world of Skindred and their amazing vision of Reggae… We love it! And you? The British band born in 1998, knew how to hook up very well to the Nu-Metal moment.


1993, Wales. Earache Records signs a band called Dub War. In the middle of the recording of their first album, vocalist Benji Webbe announces the following statement: – “They won’t let us record, they don’t pay us enough to continue, which is causing arguments between us, so we must choose to separate and continue our paths or end up killing each other“-.

Webbe later formed Skindred with bassist Daniel Pugsley, guitarist Mikey Dee and drummer Dirty Arya. With this great union, their first album “Babylon” was released.

Hit song:

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