Looking for the path after Three Days Grace

Saint Asonia, Adam Gontier’s super band after 21 years leading Three Days Grace.

Saint Asonia

At the end of 2012 and only 2 weeks away from starting the tour with Shinedown and P.O.D. to promote their album “Human“, Adam Gontier leaves Three Days Grace without giving specific reasons.

After Adam’s departure, Mike Mushok, Staind‘s guitarist, was the first to contact him, to give him moral support and sit down to write music as pure entertainment.

Hit song:

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When Creed and Alter Bridge are not enough, we look for Tremonti

If you were a Creed fan and now an Alter Bridge follower, we recommend you to listen to the parallel project of his lead guitarist, Tremonti.

His last and fourth work, A Dying Machine, continues in the path of his previous albums, distinguishing from his fellows from AB, being the sound harder, heavier and faster, where Garrett Whitlock’s double bass drum is devastating.

Why did he come up with the idea of creating Tremonti? Mark himself explains that he had written many songs and hated the idea of not being able to show them, simply because they didn’t match  with Creed or Alter Bridge.

The first album had the collaboration of Brian Marshall, bass player from Creed until today with Alter Bridge, but later was replaced by Wolfgang Van Halen, son of the greatest Eddie Van Halen.

Hit song:

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Sevendust… 21 years on the wave’s crest

May I present to you, one of my favorites bands that have been with me since my senior year until these days, plus today they present their eleventh album, All I See is War… without further ado: Sevendust.

Not many bands can say that they’ve been playing together for 24 years without any changes in the line-up, this means 11 studio albums, 1 acoustic album, Time Travelers and Bonfire, and a live concert that I invite you to check it out, Southside Double-Wide: Acoustic Live.

Hit song:

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