Burden of the Sky, ashes to ashes

Burden of the Sky

Burden Of The Sky, American Hard Rock/Metal alternative band, born in 2012 in Bloomington (Illinois). “Cinis Ad Cinis”, the band’s debut album, was released in 2017. Their single Same Old Page, has more than 800,000 views.

New album expected to be released this year, until then we can find their singles Sirens and The Puppeter.

Hit song:

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Breaking Benjamin, breaking rules

Breaking Benjamin released his sixth album last week, Ember, so I can’t find a better excuse to introduce you to this band.

Benjamin Jackson Burnley, singer-guitarist and founder, began as a soloist doing Nirvana covers. At one of his concerts he dropped a borrowed microphone and the owner said:  “Thanks to Benjamin for breaking my mic”. As you can imagine … he didn’t have to look for names for his future band.

Hit song:

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