It was the year 1996 when “Brawl” posted an advertisement looking for a new singer. It was then when an unknown David Draiman, made the audition and became the frontman of the band that we all know as Disturbed.

The same month that David Draiman became the lead singer, he had made 20 auditions and no band wanted him. However, guitarist Dan Donegan confirmed that he was joining the band, because he was the only one who had agreed to write their own songs. As well, Donegan was shocked when they started to jam and Draiman’s distinctive melodic voice began to give power to the band.

 “I’m grinning from ear to ear, trying not to give it away that I like this guy. We told him: we’ll call you back, it was great, we liked it very much…”

Dan Donegan

Hit song:

When Draiman joined the band, he suggested the name Disturbed, because for years he had it inside of his head for a band.

Draiman, grew up in an extremely religious orthodox jewish family. Because of the restrictions imposed on him, his teenage years were one of pure rebellion, getting expelled from five schools.

Disturbed Logo

The band logo wants to send the message that no matter what religion, color or gender you are, everyone can listen to music. That’s why they fuse the cross of Christianity, the crescent of Islam, the six pointed star of Judaism and the Pagan pentagon.

The Guy

The band’s mascot is known as “The Guy”. It emphasizes that evil smile, whose meaning is that every heart, even the purest has a dark side.

From the album Ten Thousand Fists, they began to include guitar solos. They explained that today’s music doesn’t have them, they wanted to get back to the beginnings of heavy metal, where all the songs had them.


In May 2012, Draiman announced a new album with his parallel band Device, with a more industrial metal style.

If this is the first time you’ve listen to Disturbed, I recommend you to start with their first album until today. Donegan’s heavy guitar riffs and the voice with that unique Draiman tone and pitch will make you going crazy with them.

I also suggest you to enjoy the covers of: Shout 2000 (Tears for Fears), Ishfwilf (U2, I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For) y The Sound of Silence (Simon & Garfunkel).

Evolution is here!

Today, this great band releases their latest work and I’m not gonna lie to you… it’s a MASTERPIECE. The album title is very in tune with a new sound. You notice a small change in Donegan’s riffs, a more sample drums (not electronic), as well as in the production of the album, moving a step away from the dark mixes of previous works.

Highlight the songs: Are you Ready, No More, In Another Time, Stronger on Your Own y The Best One Lies, are my top songs.

In the same way, they have four acoustic songs: A Reason to Fight, Hold on to Memories, Watch you Burn y Already Gone, reflect a strong and personality to this work. Everything together brings us a clear “Evolution” in Disturbed.


7 studio albums

Top Mabanag albums and songs:

The Sickness (2000)

Voices ♥ Video

The Game

Stupify ♥ Video

Down With the Sickness ♥ Video

Shout 2000

Believe (2002)

Prayer ♥ Video

Liberate ♥


Remember ♥ Video



Ten Thousand Fists (2005)

Ten Thousand Fists ♥

Just Stop ♥


Stricken ♥ Video

Sons of Plunder ♥


Land of Confusion ♥ Video


Indestructible (2008)

Indestructible ♥ Video

Inside the Fire Video

The Night ♥ Video

Enough ♥

Criminal ♥


Asylum (2010)

The Infection ♥ Live


The Animal ♥ Video

My Child

Ishfwilf ♥

The Lost Children (2011)

Hell ♥

This Moment

Old Friend ♥


Leave it Alone ♥

Two Worlds

Midlife Crisis ♥

Inmortalized (2015)


The Vengeful One ♥ Video

The Light ♥ Video

Save Our Last Goodbye

The Sound of Silence ♥ Video

Never Wrong

Evolution (2018)

Are you Ready ♥ Video

No More Lyrics video

A Reason to Fight ♥ Video

In Another Time ♥ Lyrics video

Stronger on Your Own ♥ Lyrics video

Hold on to Memories Lyrics video

Saviour of Nothing Lyrics video

Watch you Burn Lyrics video

The Best Ones Lie ♥  Lyrics video

Already Gone ♥ Lyrics video

♥ = must listen

* We have included “The Lost Children” compilation. The album features songs that were excluded from previously released studio albums.


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