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Skyharbor and their progressive metal from New Dheli


In September of this year, Skyharbor presented their latest and third album “Sunshine Dust”. Without a doubt a great moment to introduce this Indian band.

The band was initially a simple project of guitarist Keshav Dharantes (in 2010 he resided in Maryland) and current TesseracT vocalist Daniel Tompkins, named Hydrodjent.

Hit song:

In 2011, after signing with Basick Records, they released their first double-disc “Illusion & Chaos”, which was basically demos written by guitarist Keshav who curiously never planned to release them into the public.

Their last album should have been released at the end of the summer of 2017, but in an interview the band confirmed that they were not very satisfied with the work, so they would re-record it completely, delaying the release to 2018.


3 studio albums

Top Mabanag albums and songs:
Blinding White Noise: Illusion & Chaos (2012)

Ilussion: Celestial

Guiding Lights (2014)


Evolution ♥ Lyric

Miracle ♥

Guiding Lights

Sunshine Dust (2018)

Dim ♥ Video

Out of Time ♥

Synthetic Hands ♥

Bling Side  Video

Ugly Heart

Dissent ♥ Video

Sunshine Dust ♥ Video

♥ = must listen


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Sleeping with the Enemy Inside

Enemy Inside

“The darkest hours make us what we are. Sometimes we need to forget the past and start over. Like a Phoenix, we will rise from the flames”. Welcome to Enemy Inside.

A German band formed in 2017. The founders Nastassja Giulia (vocals) and Evan K (guitar) wanted from the beginning to find their own sound, somewhere between Dark Rock and Modern Metal. The music strikes a catchy, mystical chord as the powerful female lead vocals are intertwined with aggressive arrangements and catchy hooks.

Hit song:

If you liked Texas, don’t forget to listen to the Summer Son cover.


1 studio album

Top Mabanag albums and songs:
Phoenix (2018)

Falling Away ♥ Video

Phoenix ♥

Lullaby ♥ Video

Doorway to Salvation

Angel’s Suicide ♥ Video

Oblivion ♥ Lyric


Summer Son ♥

♥ = must listen


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Dead by April, pure metalcore from Sweden

Dead by Apri

Ikea is not the only good thing that Sweden has, they also have Dead by April and we don’t need to assemble it by ourselves, just hit the play and jump.

The band was formed in February 2007, when singer Jimmie Strimell (ex-Nightrage) decides to get together with guitarist Pontus Hjelm (ex-Cipher System) to create Dead by April. During their early years, the music they wrote was shared through peer-to-peer platforms.

2008 was their year, receiving awards from Swedish Metal Awards and Bandit Rock Awards for best New Band, plus they signed with Universal Music record label.

Hit song:

During their musical career, the band has had many changes in the lineup, even original members who left, returned again over the time.

As a curiosity, in 2012 they performed in the Melodifestivalen, a music contest in Sweden where the song is selected for Eurovision Festival. They reached seventh place with the song Mystery.


4 studio albums

Top Mabanag albums and songs:
Dead by April (2009)

Trapped ♥

Losing You ♥ Video

What Can I Say

Erased ♥

Promise Me

Falling Behind

Sorry for Everything ♥


Carry Me ♥

A Promise

I Made it ♥

Incomparable (2011)

Dreaming ♥

Within my Heart ♥

More Than Yesterday


Incomparable ♥

You Should Know

Mystery ♥

Painting Shadows

Let the World Know (2014)

Done With Broken Hearts

As a Butterfly ♥ Video

Same Star ♥

Let the World Know

Freeze Frame ♥ Lyric

Infinity x Infinity

My Tomorrow

Replace You

Worlds Collide (2017)

Crying Over You ♥ Lyric

I Can´t Breathe ♥ Lyric

Playing With Fire ♥ Lyric

Warrior ♥ Video

My Heart is Crushable

Can you see the red ♥ Lyric

Our Worlds CollideLyric

Perfect the Way you are ♥ Lyric

For Every Step Feat. Tommy Körberg ♥ Lyric

♥ = must listen


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SHVPES… You can’t imagine who is their singer


What do The Raven Age and SHVPES have in common? Not only are we talking about metal running through their veins, they also keep a small family bond.

In show business, having the family name of a parent who has been or is very successful can be a big focus of attention.

What is the relationship between these mentioned bands? Both were founded in the UK, both write metal songs and in both cases, one of their members has a father who plays in Iron Maiden.

Hit song:

Some of you may think that they are there for being children of, but beyond that first thought (totally wrong), the bands of George Harris (guitarist of The Raven Age) and Griffin Dickinson (singer of SHVPES), have more than proved that they are there for their own credit.

In Griffin’s case, he has been able to distinguish himself very well from comparative criticism, having a variety of styles, from broken voices through melodic songs to insane rapping.

Last week they released their second studio album Greater Than, for which I recommend you listen to them. So get your headphones or put the speakers up and enjoy Calloused Hands, Undertons and Afterlife, three of my favorite tracks.


2 studio albums

Top Mabanag albums and songs:
Pain. Joy. Ecstasy. Despair (2016)

Bone Theory ♥

State of Mine ♥ Video

Skin & Bones ♥ Video

Smoke & Mirrors

Breaking the Silence

The Otherside ♥

Tear Down the Walls

Greater Than (2018)

Calloused Hands ♥ Video

Undertons ♥ Video

Afterlife ♥ Video

Rain Feat. Matt Heafy Lyric

War ♥ Lyric

Renegades ♥

Hey Brother

♥ = must listen


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Sit in front of the fire and listen to the music of Light The Torch

Light The Torch

After the departure of drummer John Sankey (ex-Fear Factory) and some legal problems with the band’s name, Devil You Know decides to look ahead and rename themselves Light The Torch.

It was 2012 when drummer John Sankey and ex-guitarist All Shall Perish, Francesco Artusato got together to composed. After having more than 30 songs, they realized that this material needed a powerful voice. They sent a demo with several songs to Howard Jones (ex-Killswitch Engage). Days later he joined the band… Devil You Know was born.

The following years were very sweet for them. In 2013 they signed with the record label Nuclear Blast and with it, the release of two albums.  They received recognition in the music world, such as Metal Hammer Golden Gods award for Best New Band in 2014.

Hit song:

Finally in 2018, they surprise with a new album and name, Light The Torch. The reasons have never been explained, but all point to disagreements with the ex-drummer John Sankey.

Personally, I like them a lot more at this point, and I find more musicality and personality. So, if this is the first time you’ve listened to them, I recommend you to start with their latest work, Revival.


3 studio albums: 2 as Devil You Know and 1 as Light The Torch

Top Mabanag albums and songs:

♥ = must listen